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It's sunday morning, and Markedspalass has been open to customers for a few days.

I must admit- I have done a little shopping in here myself.
I'm not in a hurry, so I'm fine with products arriving "a little later". Often you can get shipements faster, because we might have the products stored at a warehouse near you.

I understand that nowadays it's all about express and stress. It's like we "don't  have time". I don't enjoy watching paint dry, however- I'm fine with waiting a few extra days to save money. When I come to think of it- the delivery times a hundred years ago must have felt like an eternity.
If I sent a letter from where I'm now- how long would it take before it ended  up on the other side of the earth? Most likely an eternity, and a little more. We're making progress...
In the future the packages might shoot through tunnels. Hyperloop-style.

The cool thing is that this way the world is "getting smaller "- bringing us all closer- in a globalized world.

However, everything can be/go faster- OR, maybe we should slow down? I know. It sounds like I'm defending slower shipping. Well, if you as a customer didn't gain anything from it- then it would be a bad thing, however- you get a better price, so therefore it's a good thing.

You can be sure that we will provide the best service, deliver the best prices- and shopping experience, for your convenience. 

Sorry for the "derailment". Where was I?

Oh, yes. When one is in a hurry. When will we be able to break the "light barrier"?
I guess someone will figure that one out "sooner"rather than later, since we're in such a hurry. 
I'm gonna put time aside for the "moment",  knowing the package will arrive- and "live in the now."
10-30 days delivery time is ok for most people. Especially if that means landing a good deal. And good deals is what we're all about. 

Anyway, here it's just another sunday. And I have a simple philosofy:
- Fill what's empty, empty what's full- and scratch where it itches.

You read this- so you have visited Markedspalass. Thank you so much!

Have a nice day :-)

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