A philosophical moment about diversity

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When talking about diversity, it is important not to forget about inclusion. Inclusion is about living life - and about learning to live together. Inclusion breeds diversity and builds communities. 
We are all born alike. Our differences evolve as our lives unfold. As unwritten books, our lives are filled and shaped with time.
Dialogue with problem solving as a starting point is important when it comes to understanding conflicts, and solving in that respect. Without understanding differences, it is more difficult to implement inclusion. If everyone has the right to think for themselves, have a meaning - and be heard, one can through dialogue create diversity - in an inclusive society. In addition, it makes it easier for the individual to develop - and through development, create a meaningful life for the individual.
Inclusion means change. Inclusion and change are inevitable, if differences are accepted and each voice is heard. Not just the voice of the one who shouts loudly, has the most money - or holds a position of power to impose others' opinion.
In a world of increasing globalization, it is important to understand that not everyone wants the same. Not everyone wants to be rich in money. A rich life deals with freedom. Freedom to have an opinion, be heard - and not least, similarities in terms of rights. Equal rights do not create similarities, rather diversity. Not just in an inclusive society, but in an inclusive world of diversity. 



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